Sites & Software

by Casey Dwayne

This page displays some of the projects I have done over the years. It is not inclusive, nor will it ever be: the bulk of development goes on behind the scenes. Request access to unlisted projects.

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I have worked on more than 280 projects.

A quick history.
See how I progressed!
  • 2000
    I built my first website.
  • 2004
    I wrote my first site from code.
  • 2009
    I opened a company and designed my first commercial website.
  • 2012
    I started doing web development and developed my own back-end of RESTful APIs with JS/PHP/SQL.
  • 2013
    I developed several sites and created the CSS Monster stylesheet framework library.
  • 2014
    I built several larger sites and applications, including a complete Content Mangagement System (CMS).
  • 2015
    I took some time off to focus on new technologies (namely NodeJS). I wrote 3D Baby upon return.
  • 2016
    I change my backend to a Node based development platform. I can now deploy using either.
  • 2017 - Present
    I resumed freelance services offering design, development, and consulting. I have worked on many websites, transacted several extensive marketing campaigns, created and linked to dozens of APIs, and helped many businesses, individuals, and web companies improve their revenue streams/online content.

You can contact me via Reddit ( u/caseydwayne) or email me at to work together.